In our current environment the ability to navigate change and work remotely with your team is more important than ever. Teams need to reinvent the way work is happening in order to deliver successful projects in the current environment of uncertainty. Teams that have the right conversations thrive in environments of uncertainty and change.

LeanProject focuses on the human element of how work gets done because the design and construction of projects are human endeavors and should be managed that way. People are autonomous; misunderstanding is normal; they do not process information; and their decisions are not determined. Projects are delivered by people in relationships acting together in language: they form and express opinions, make claims for the truth, make declarations, and coordinate action by making requests and receiving promises.

Everything that happens first happens in language. Further, everything purposeful that happens between two or more people requires a commitment conversation. LeanProject has invented and successfully delivered a way to bring that to design and construction work in the form of our Essential Conversations℠ training. We have successfully delivered this on some of the largest, most complex projects undertaken, and it has had a significant impact on project success.

When a team is implementing lean, Essential Conversations offers training in the key skills for building the network of commitments and for making and securing reliable promises. It also addresses the issue of how and when to say “no.” For those who are embarking on a lean transformation, this course lays the groundwork for becoming a learning organization by cultivating a mood of inquiry and ambition.

The course will consist of six 2-hour modules delivered via the Zoom video conferencing platform. This is a live class where you will actively engage in discussions with the course leader and other participants.

You will learn:

  • What a conversation is
  • How to navigate change in an uncertain world
  • How to invent new practices around working remotely in teams
  • How to make your project adaptable to changing conditions
  • Learn how to cultivate productive moods in your team in uncertain times
  • How to initiate or shift conversations for the situation you are in
  • How to negotiate
  • How and when to say no
  • How to generate possibilities and new ways of working together
  • How to reflect as a team to increase learning

The cost of the on-line Essential Conversations for Project Success training is $800 per person and discounts will be given for groups of 3 or more from the same organization.

The sessions will be hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Pacific Time on April 6, 8,10, 13, 15 and 17.

Jason Klous from LeanProject will be the course leader.

Please contact Jason at or 612.709.8645 to register.

Participants who successfully complete all six modules will qualify for twelve CE hours toward AGC CM-Lean Renewal.