Thank you for your interest in LeanProject.

Please feel free to download any or all of the whitepapers you see below:

  1. Choosing & Using a Lean Construction Consultant – Alan Mossman’s advice
  2. Target-Value Design – the AIA Practice Management Digest paper introducing lean design practices
  3. Putting the Five Big Ideas to Work — the Lean ideas behind Integrated Project Delivery and Target-Value Design
  4. Responsibility-based Project Delivery™ — an agile adaptation of LPS®  for use in design
  5. No-Fault Problem-Solving — using Good 5-Why™ for learning and hyper improvement
  6. Last Planner System, Just the Essentials — advice from Last Planner® project coaches
  7. Five Simple Concepts for Making Sound Decisions — by Jim Suhr, creator of the Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking System
  8. Study-Action Teams – Opening Minds for Organizational Change — by Hal Macomber and Christine Slivon
  9. Securing Reliable Promises on Projects — by Hal Macomber
  10. Why Deliver Projects on a Lean Basis? — by Hal Macomber and Greg Howell
  11. How to Conduct a Lean Coffee — by Hal Macomber

If you have any questions of need anything further please email us at or call us at 303-665-8385.