LeanProject has been coaching project teams in the implementation of lean principles on thousands of projects around the world since 1999 and was an early thought-leader in Target Value Delivery and other lean design methods.

Lean is misunderstood as just an industrial engineering method to eliminate waste and standardize processes. Lean is a management approach that employs all members of a team to promote innovation, continuous improvement and a more engaging workplace.

Designers, builders in pre-construction departments, trades engaged in design-assist, and leaders overseeing projects for owners will learn how Lean methods support innovative, cost-effective design.

Reimagine the design phase through a combination of lectures, small group discussions, and simulations. This course will emphasize how Lean can support your teams during that magical time where innovation and cost savings are easiest to capture: From the owner’s first realization of a building need to the basic concept the project team moves forward with. You will learn how to:

  • Facilitate conversations between the design team and the owner to create innovative design, fit for purpose
  • Align your team around your client’s true needs – guide user groups and stakeholders in the exploration of a universe of options that help them translate desire into physical space
  • Ensure projects are affordable, constructible, on-target, and on-time
  • Get the most out of your specialists, including engineers and builders, learn to better manage the collaborative effort, and complete work within design fee budgets.
  • Give designers time to do what they do best – Design! – and Owners confidence in the decisions they make.

Next series of (6) 2-hour online sessions start in June.

June 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19

$550 per person with discount available for AGC Members.

Meets AGC’s requirement for 12 hours of CM-Lean Continuing Education credits

Registration information coming soon!

For questions or to enroll, email Susan Reinhardt, AIA, at Sreinhardt@leanproject.com


Class Sessions

Module 1, Conditions of Satisfaction: Fully explore what Value means to the client, community, and user groups; align project team around Conditions of Satisfaction. Create Concept Papers (Define Customer Value, Key Project Requirements, Project Targets, Project Concept)

Module 2, Set-Based Design: Throw-it-over-the-wall design performed by specialists working in isolation from others results in rework, change orders, and unhappy clients. Don’t rush to a solution without exploring the universe of possible design options. Understand milestones and identify knowledge gaps you must fill to make decisions. Intro to 3P, Value Stream Mapping

Module 3, Target Value Design: How to structure the team and set targets for value and cost

Module 4, Decision-making: Poorly formed decisions get delayed, changed, and revisited. Understand A3 thinking and guide sound decision-making through Choosing By Advantages.

Module 5, Making Work Flow: Last Planner® System in Design from master planning through daily management, including the use of visual controls. Understand the 12 wastes specific to Design. Projects are “Networks of Commitments:” understand Conversations for Action and Reliable Promising, the foundation of Last Planner®!

Module 6: Learning and Continuous improvement: Many improvement initiatives never take flight as people get busy with “work.” Project knowledge usually stays within each project team and we must “rediscover” knowledge on each new project. Become a Learning Organization. Considers the proper use of standardized work and the Good 5 WhyTM improvements. A3s revisited.