You can expect to see improvements in safety, project duration, project costs and productivity.  Benefits derive at first from improved reliability in task completions.

The Lean Construction Institute’s Parade of Trades™ clearly demonstrates how even small variation in task completions from the plan results in unpredictability in later tasks in a work flow. The Last Planner® System and other commitment-based planning systems addresses this compounding of task dependence with completion variation bringing stability to the project.

Once the project is stable, project supervision can begin to focus on improvements. Safety seems to improve on its own. It turns out that the actions for getting reliable task completions also create the situation for better safety. Improvements in safety on early lean construction projects are often over a 50% reduction in incidents and it continues to improve as the team gets more proficient with lean.

We also see improvements in specialty contractor productivity. It comes from a “rule” or principle that we only start work that is ready to be finished. We see firms enjoy productivity gains from 4% to 15%.

Project duration also falls. Many projects complete 3 weeks early for every 5 months in the schedule. Reliability leads to project flow. When work is flowing it gets done earlier.

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