At LeanProject we strive to provide you with the best information available about lean philosophy, management, and practices based on work with clients in the design and construction industry, and our engagement in research and teaching throughout the broader lean community.

The following publications are currently available.

Lean Conversations

The Energy of the Creative Ethos in Your Life and Work

Seeing something was missing in the perception that Lean practices were largely about mechanically improving work processes, the author led a conversation between a group of artists and some of the leading thinkers and practitioners of Lean.
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Better Building

Lean Practice for the Project-Driven Organization

Better Building provides a practical model for putting lean thinking into action and improving the experience of project work. Based on years of experience shifting mindsets and behaviors, this model answers the most often asked questions and provides a roadmap for navigating the toughest parts of a lean transformation journey in the project-driven environment.
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Gain access to Lean ideas and agile adaptation from LeanProject Principals and Coaches. A variety of LeanProject Whitepapers on topics related to lean construction and the Last PlannerĀ® System are available via the link below.
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