Essential Conversations™ for Project Success

In our current environment the ability to navigate change and work remotely with your team is more important than ever. Teams need to reinvent the way work is happening in order to deliver successful projects in the current environment of uncertainty. Teams that have the right conversations thrive in environments of uncertainty and change. [more information]

Better Building – 4-Week Study Action Team™

LeanProject invented the Study Action Team™ (SAT) years ago as a way for teams to learn together and put that learning immediately into practice. We’ve used SATs with project teams of every size and with project owners, designers, and contractors as they transform their organizations. In this time of economic uncertainty and social distancing, we’re offering a facilitated SAT using the text Better Building: Lean Practice for the Project-Driven Organization. [more information]

The Best of Lean in the Design Phase

LeanProject has been coaching project teams in the implementation of lean principles on thousands of projects around the world since 1999 and was an early thought-leader in Target Value Delivery and other lean design methods. Reimagine the design phase through a combination of lectures, small group discussions, and simulations. This course will emphasize how Lean can support your teams during that magical time where innovation and cost savings are easiest to capture: From the owner’s first realization of a building need to the basic concept the project team moves forward with. [more information]

Building a Lean Culture: Developing a Foundation for Team Commitment to Lean Practices

Lean design and construction practices require that members on a project team work together in an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common care. This environment needs to be cultivated through the development of a shared team identity focused on a common meaningful purpose for delivering the project. This course integrates project experiences with research exploring the root cause of successful lean practices to provide participants with a grounding for building a lean culture. [more information]