At LeanProject, our mission is to transform the experience of project work from frustration and conflict to one of trust and mutual respect.

Our company is built on the idea of pursuing  knowledge, gaining experience, and sharing it to advance the way our built environment is created.  We truly believe there is a better way, and have committed ourselves and our firm to helping uncover what is possible.

As a company, this means that we have not only supported countless companies, projects and individuals along their lean journeys.  We have also helped break new ground along the way.

LeanProject has had a significant role in the development of many of the common lean practices used in design and construction today.  From the way Last Planner System is put into practice by project teams, to the use of Study Action Teams, to decision making with CBA and the structure of lean IPD agreements themselves, our fingerprints are on many of the lean advances we’ve seen over the last fifteen years.

It is this passion for the AEC community, combined with an unending desire for continuous improvement that keeps us moving forward.  We are pleased to have shared this journey with so many in the industry, and look forward to building a new future together.