LeanProject works in a coaching model. Our project coaches have broad experience in the AEC industry.

Before joining LeanProject, our coachesĀ served as project and construction engineer, manager, and superintendent; owner representative, professional engineer, principal architect, and industrial engineer; and in corporate leadership positions. They have successfully coached teams designing and building healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, performing arts centers and schools; refineries, petrochemical plants and power stations; and fabricators, precasters and one of the largest concrete subcontractors in the US.

While each project coach has the expertise to contribute directly to the work of projects, they do their most valuable work coaching them as project performers to increase their ability to do their project work. As coaches, they only work with people who agree to be coached in order to achieve specific promised competence. In this role, LeanProject coaches are not consultants offering good ideas. Rather they work as coaches always do. They identify what must change and how to make it happen. There is a moment in most engagements when the client will not or the coach cannot make the change needed to deliver on their promise. These moments are not to be avoided as they lead to breakthrough, transformation, and new levels of performance.