We’ve developed numerous training programs to support organizations and teams moving to lean ways of managing and delivering projects.

In addition, we are certified to teach:

Training Within Industry J-Programs

  • Job Instruction
  • Job Relations
  • Job Safety

Practices for Learning

  • Good 5-Why™ root-cause analysis
  • Study-Action Teams™ for jump-starting initiatives

Practices for Everyday Improvements

  • Quick ‘n Easy Kaizen to tap the creativity of the workforce
  • 30-Cubed Waste Exercise to create the habit of identifying and eliminating waste

Skills for Effective Projects

  • Essential Conversations™ for Project Success
  • Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking System, the only sound decision-making approach currently available

Keystone Programs

  • Lean Project Bootcamp
  • Lean Leaders (Shusa) Program