IPD is the latest change to the way projects are delivered in the built environment. It grew out of the difficulties during attempts to deliver design and construction in a lean way.

Moving scopes from one consultant to another and one specialty contractor to another encountered negotiating change orders that were fair to all parties.  Sutter Health took the first big step on their Camino project with a contract they called the Integrated Form of Agreement. This tri-party agreement with shared risks and rewards aligned the interests of the parties and supported the desired lean behaviors. One good project led to another. Eventually, Sutter donated their IFOA to the Lean Construction Institute who they joined with the AGC and others to create the industry-standard Consensus Docs 300 Integrated Project Delivery Agreement.

LeanProject has helped more than 20 projects form their IPD teams. Often we are hired by the client organization to help with the creation of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) or their Request for an Integrated Team (RFIT). Other times we’ve been hired by one of the self-formed teams who are responding to a RFIT to help with landing the project.

Our lean IPD services also include:

  • Team formation through a “soft start”
  • Establishing the practices for Target Value Design
  • Introducing and coaching Responsibility-based Project Delivery™ and the Last Planner® System

Teaching and coaching:

  • Effective team problem-solving with Good 5-Why™
  • Consensus decision-making with Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking (CBA)
  • Effective team communications with Essential Conversations™ for Project Success (ECPS)
  • Individual and team continuous improvement activities with Quick -n- Easy Kaizen

While some people call Integrated Project Delivery just the latest in a host of fads, healthcare providers who are building and remodeling facilities see it as the natural extension of the healthcare industry’s new-found success applying lean principles and practices to the delivery of patient care. Lean IPD results in far better building projects that contribute to the goals for patient outcomes.

The healthcare industry’s move to lean IPD is being joined by other sectors of industry including higher education, office buildings and industrial process. Let us help you with your IPD projects.