LeanProject, Inc. offers a packaged approach to implementing the Last Planner® System on your projects.

Our Approach

A company’s first lean projects take hand-holding, encouragement and follow-up. LeanProject’s Last Planner Quick-Start leverages interaction with the team until those new habits have been established. LeanProject project coaches engage project participants as reflective practitioners. Theory matters and action matters more. So we do a brief introduction to Lean Construction and then quickly put people in the new practice. We work with the leadership of the project team to (re)establish the milestone plan and develop a pull schedule. We then engage the larger group of planner-doers in their first experience with the LPS. At the end of the sessions the expanded team will have a 6-week make-read plan and weekly work plan that they can operate to and learn from. Later we investigate that new practice with the team to make sense of why it is working or not.

There are Two Significant Benefits of this Approach:

  1. Project teams are getting results early in their experience with the LPS.
  2. Training is focused on just what the team needs. This approach is not suitable for all teams. The teams that are ambitious, challenged, and open to change do the best.

Coaching and Reinforcement

The First 30 Days coaching program distinguishes LeanProject’s work with teams. Even well-prepared teams need reinforcement and coaching. We created a six-week program titled Your First 30 Days on the Last Planner System. Every day for six weeks, project participants read a 3- minute lesson and discuss it with an LeanProject coach usually by phone or by video conference for about 15 – 20 minutes. The lesson is relevant to where they are in their implementation. These lessons are quite practical. Each lesson starts by giving direction – “Do this” – and continues in a reflective style introducing some of the theory of lean project delivery. By the end of six weeks diligent team members will have a solid foundation in the theory and practice of the Last Planner System. At the end of the eight weeks the project team will have new habits for planning and executing their project. Throughout the time LeanProject project coaches are available by phone and email. Your schedule is apt to be different than the one above to accommodate the needs and issues associated with your team and the project. The Quick-Start supports the client’s effort to develop the ability to deliver projects on a lean basis.

Mobilizing Change

last-planner-systemThe Quick-Start will mobilize that change and to create opportunities to leverage our work with the team. For example, we encourage creating fishbowl environments for learning. Members on early project teams are in the fishbowl. People from following projects or from other parts of the company are invited to observe team practices and participate in training opportunities. The success of the Quick-Start depends on the leadership provided to the team. Project teams are most successful when both project and corporate leadership are highly engaged operating in the mode of “What can we do to help?” This contrasts with a somewhat detached objective leadership group operating in the mode of “Let’s see what they can do on their own.” We work with each leadership group to design an approach that fits with their style while maximizing the opportunities for success.

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