The LeanProject team is a group of design and construction professionals operating out of locations across the US.

Each consultant or coach brings extensive lean experience and deep subject matter expertise. Many people are thought leaders and innovators in one or more aspects for delivering projects on a lean basis.

We have been collaborating for almost 20 years investigating what distinguishes lean projects from usual projects. Our work has allowed us to support numerous project and companies on their lean journeys. Collectively, we are experts in the tools, practices, and thinking that makes lean construction possible.

Our team has made important contributions to today’s practice of lean design and construction and Integrated Project Delivery™. LeanProject staff are responsible for creating and sharing tools and approaches that have been widely adopted by firms and projects pursuing lean approaches. These include:

  • Study-Action Teams™
  • Responsibility-based Project Delivery™
  • Good 5-Why™ root-cause analysis
  • Last Planner System Maturity Assessment
  • Last Planner System Standard Work
  • Chosing By Advantages
  • Target Value Design

Two LeanProject staff members are certified instructors for Training Within Industry J-Programs. These programs are at the heart of the lean programs and were featured in Jeffrey Liker’s and David Meier’s book, Toyota Talent.

All LeanProject Principals and Associate Principals have significant training in Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking. Four are recognized by the Decision Innovation Institute as Master CBA Facilitators. CBA has been embraced for Target Value Design and on IPD projects as the approach for group decisionmaking.

One of our areas of focus in construction safety. It is widely recognized that the use of Last Planner in construction dramatically reduces incidents and injuries…usually by over 50%. We take a more active role in seeing that job sites and people are safe. All LeanProject staff are OSHA 30 certified. Clients can count on LeanProject Project Coaches and consultants contributing to improving safety from the beginning of design to the preparation of the pull plans and elevating attention during the make-ready planning process and daily work coordination.

Finally, LeanProject staff give freely of their time participating in the Lean Construction Institute’s local Communities of Practice. The practical aspect of sharing what we’ve learned among local lean leaders increases the pace of the transformation of our industry. Like all members of LCI, the people of LeanProject are committed to transforming the practice of design and construction and in so doing transform the experience of project work.